An Alternative (and Tastier) Approach to Managing Stress


When the experts speak about how to check lifestyle stress, everyone usually seems to be in agreement over how your only ways could include exercise, beteer relationships, meditation and perhaps therapy. While these approaches to stress management do make a lot of sense, they also leave behind a rather large hole in the weave. The foods you choose to eat can have a great effect on how easily your stress can clear up. Do let us take a look at the best everyday foods there are that can help alter the biochemical balance in your brain that determines how stressed out you feel.

Let’s start with a full course Thanksgiving dinner. When people claim that a great Thanksgiving dinner gets them feeling relaxed or even sleepy, it isn’t the conviviality of the family atmosphere that’s doing it. The meat of the turkey breast contains L-tryptophan. This is an amino acid that gets your brain to produce the feelgood hormone serotonin. Have a turkey burger once in a while – it’s pretty proven stuff the way it contributes to your program managing stress.

The tradition around the country of leaving a bowl of mixed nuts out for guests at a bar or even at home could have had a start with the way almonds, walnuts and pistachios are powerhouse suppliers of the vitamins B and E. These are great micronutrients to help with your blood pressure and your immune system.

Vitamins certainly have a way with the brain; according to a German study, Vitamin C has a great contribution to make in managing stress. A glass of orange juice right after a stressful meeting or an argument, and it should bring your cortisol and blood pressure levels right down. Oranges and other citrus fruits do contain Vitamin C, but only in tiny quantities. Relying on a Vitamin C supplement tablet that could possibly rev down your engine happens to make a lot of sense.

Have you ever noticed how a sweet potato pie can leave you feeling happy and satisfied with life? Sweet potatoes are chock full with nutrients, fiber, Beta carotene and also carbohydrates. Your body reacts to carbohydrates and fats with a plaintive “Give me more, or else I won’t be happy” cry. Once you satisfy your carb cravings with a slice of pie and give your body the nutrients it needs to digest it all, your body really has no reason to complain.

Apricots are a well-known aid in muscle relaxation. It’s the magnesium in them that does the trick. Where there is magnesium, you are likely to wonder about its cousin, potassium; could that be any good helping you in managing stress? It could be very good actually; there is a surprising fact about potassium that you hear from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute: the more of this that you take, the lower your blood pressure will get. As rich as bananas are in certain someone’s fish are sent to you really rich potassium, avocados are richer still.

Do you love salmon? Your body certainly does; fish in general, and salmon in particular can be really rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that help keep cortisol and adrenaline, two of the main stress hormones that course through your body, from getting over the top. Because when they do, you get as high as a kite on anxiety, and impatience.

It’s pretty simple to contribute to the stress busting routine you already have in place with a mere couple of painless changes to diet. Who knows, the contribution all of these make together, could well obviate any need for meditation or any pills.