Discussing Hair Loss

Whilst hair loss is a common affliction throughout the world, many people refuse to suffer in silence and look for techniques to recover if only a small amount of that lost hair. We are talking here about more hair loss than normal, as it is normal to shed some hair every day. This is more about male and female pattern baldness.

Hair loss is no respecter of wealth or age. It can strike at any time, but it is more common in men than women. That does not mean however that the condition is any less emotionally difficult. Many men hate losing their hair and whilst it is more socially acceptable for men to be a bit thin on top, that doesn’t mean that is any more acceptable to the individual concerned. The condition in men is more common in their twenties and thirties whereas for women it can be a condition associated more with the hormonal changes of menopause. Provillus a proprietary treatment can however help.

As the ages at which hair loss can strike differ between the sexes, so do the reasons. Men tend to suffer as a result of a by product of testosterone called DHT which causes blockages in the hair roots cutting off blood flow and resulting in thinning of the damaged hair. The extent of this compound is directly associated with and increased risk of balding and thinning.

It is therefore welcoming to report that provillus for men is a natural supplement designed to minimise DHT and aid the recovery of hair. The unique blend of herbs, minerals and other extracts is designed to hit DHT and stop the damage. This oral supplement is accompanied by a topically applied treatment akin to a shampoo which is applied to the affected areas and the combination is often enough to kick-start hair growth. Many provillus reviews are extremely complimentary as a result.



The reasons why women lose their hair are often more involved and complicated. Whilst harsh treatments like perms were often blamed in the past, it would appear that hair loss still continues despite those sorts of treatments falling out of fashion. It is considered that hormonal changes are primarily to blame particularly those associated with middle age and the menopause.



Other issues that might lead to hair loss in women include some genetic factors, poor diet and lack of exercise as well as the hormonal changes around child birth and menopause. There are also of course some diseases that can cause hair loss, like thyroid problems and cancer and specialist medical advice would be needed to counter the effects of those diseases as provillus is unlikely to help in those circumstances.



Reading through the various provillus reviews, you would be struck with the amounts of successes recorded. Provillus has been around the block a bit and because it has withstood some years of testing, there are many delighted users. It can be said to work but only with the right conditions and over time and with patient use.