What Are the Risk Factors for Heart Disease?


heart attackThere are many risk factors for heart disease that people should be aware of, and it should be everyone’s desire to avoid them at all costs. As a man who comes from a family that has as history of heart disease, I have made it my personal mission to be aware of the factors.

Of all the risk factors for heart disease, I would say that a family history is the biggest. Unfortunately for me, I come from a family that has a long history of heart disease. My father had a heart attack because of it, and so did my grandfather on his side. The only saving grace is that there is no history of heart disease on my mother’s side. For my brother and I, it is kind of a crap shoot, and we just hope that we get more of our heart-disease genes from our mother’s side.

One of the biggest risk factors for heart disease is obesity. With the fact that it is becoming an epidemic in this country and several others, it looks like the United States will experience more and more incidents of heart disease in the coming generations. It makes me sad to think about this, especially when I see overweight children, but I actually read a study the other day that states that this could be the first generation of children who have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.

Smoking is also one of the big risk factors for heart disease, and both my father and grandfather smoked most of their lives. The good thing is that I do not smoke, so I that is one other way that I have lessened my chances of developing heart disease. My brother used to smoke, but quit a few years ago and appears to have suffered no ill effects from doing so, as he received a clean bill of health at his last doctor’s visit.

One of the worst risk factors for heart disease that I have no idea what to do about is leading a very stressful lifestyle. I work as a probation officer and freelance writer and typically put in anywhere from 60 to 80 hours a week between my jobs. I know that I cannot continue to do this, because I am not able to do things that help counteract heart disease, such as exercise and having a balanced diet.

There are many risk factors for heart disease of which people should be aware. I know that I am at risk in a couple of areas, and have worked to address those. We only have one life to live, after all, and for me, it is much better to live a long satisfying life than die early from an untimely heart attack or other related disease.